Baggage Allowance
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Emirates Baggage Allowance

The compassionate baggage policies applicable by the Emirates Airlines make it one of the most trusted airlines by distinguishing from the counterparts. It is necessary to understand Emirates baggage allowance rules that vary from the classes concerned. The airline also offers the program of loyalty membership plan which makes Emirates at par. The baggage allowance Emirates permits on the basis of rules sets by the aviations authorities is set for a single piece shouldn’t crossing to 32kg. It is therefore necessary to split into two if the weight of a single baggage crosses 32kg. The below mentioned table explains the rules comprehensibly.

The aviation authorities prohibit any luggage exceeding 32 kg (71 lb) hence keep that aspect in mind. A single piece of baggage shouldn’t cross to 32 kg (71 lb) at any circumstances. Do follow the rules which Emirates airlines have set for the passengers travelling in any of its flights at any sector.

Class Notes
Economy You are allowed to take up to 30kg.
Business You are allowed to take up to 40kg. A single piece of luggage cannot exceed 32kg.
First You are allowed to take up to 50kg. A single piece of luggage cannot exceed 32kg.
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